Sunday, July 12, 2009

First Post for this Year!! (In July XD)

Hello Netizens,

Due to tremendous demand for me to update, I shall do so at this instant right now to satisfy your blog-reading needs. I shall summarise what has happened since January OR maybe later (??)

1) I am not chosen for NS (:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D)

2) SPM is what I dread.

3) Won English Essay Competition 2nd place woooohooo

4) Won Spelling Bee Champion but there weren't much competitors~

5) Brought friend from England for a school visit last Friday (10/7)

6) Went to Hong Kong in the holidays and Disneyland and other places and its shop, eat, play and sleep all day there. And went to KK too, which is crawling with weird people at night.

7) Brother's back from England, with loads of candy~

8) Got 12th position in class....yea i'm running out of things to say

9) Helped two friends make new emails!

10) Brother bought a Nintendo Wii :D:D:D:D:D:D super fun~

OK I think that's it. Gimme comments ppl and leave a message in my chatbox~ And hope for me that I'll update soon~ XD


Friday, December 26, 2008

'Twas the Night After Christmas XD

Hey Ppl,

Merry Christmas!!!! (Although I'm one day late...) But but but that doesn't mean I can't wish you today~XD Anyway sorry about not posting after I cam back from the trip...been quite busy with stuff, and tomorrow, 27th of December is gonna be out new church opening ceremony! It's gonna be big. Seriously. Everyone's gonna be there. There'll be performances of all kinds, choir singing (which I'm in) and the Head of the Methodist Churches in Miri (教区长) is gonna host the cutting of the ribbon and also deliver the sermon. Actually we've moved in already a week or two ago...but this is the official openiong ceremony so yeah.

Hmm....about my trip to Johor and KL.....It was FUN!~ Woohoo bet you didn't have any fun in Miri~~ XD Joking~~! Anyway, we went to loads of places but the main thing was to visit my grandfather. And we went to a lot of places with a lot of people, my relatives, cousins, etc so it was pretty much a huge group!~ We had three cars~~and drove them all the way from Johor to KL and back. Is that not fun or what? Considering the fact that my aunt's car has a TV~~ Haha so we went to palces including Sunway Lagoon, 1 Utama mall, Sungei Wang Plaza, malls in Johor as well, KLCC (went there to go onto the skybrige in the morning but it was out of tickets?! Wth right?~), and other places~It was fun overall, I think I'll post some pics.

Anyway yesterday was Christmas Day!! Merry Christmas again!!The day to remember the birth of Jesus Christ, the Saviour. And of course I went to church and I also brought my childhood friend, who's studying in England, with me~~haha we were in the same kindergarten, same primary school, we moved to Beijing coincidentally during Primary Four but at different times in Primary Four, and we were also in the same school in Beijing....and now, since he's visiting Miri I took him to church, the mall and stuff ~*sigh* memories~~~ Kk XD just reminiscing the Beijing times..I loved it there!~ I loved my school, my home, the seasons, everything!~ I know! I'll post some of my Beijing pictures so you'll know what I'm talking about~! It's not everyday that I do this you know!!~So Enjoy!!

Btw on Christmas Day yesterday, we assembled in our new church, as I've said before that we moved in a few weeks ago..It's kinda high tech if you ask me. Dunno how to describe it in detail so the only wall you'll know is by coming to it! Don't worry I'll be your tour guide!~XD And yesterday I sang in the choir, singing the song 谁会差派婴孩? (Who would send a baby?), a song translated from English which is kinda cool~~ And then there was one dance, which my sister was part of~~ It was awesome!~

Kk anyway enough talking let the pictures do the talking~ Enjoy~!

This photo was taken in Beijing in the year 2003 I think. Hehe~ this is my Beijing home! The first one that is, I moved into a bigger one later, but at the same location. This is a picture of me and my friend(in the middle) called Li Ren and my sister, before he moved to Shanghai.

Us now!~ This was taken yesterday, on Christmas Day in the new Church stage. Lol~~ I really really like this pic!~ It's sooo nice and cool that we can meet each other!~

The place where I lived in when I was in Beijing. It's called China World Apartments and it's very very pretty inside. All the rooms, at least the rooms I'm in, are fully furnished, they have carpet flooring, lots of facilities like gyms, a sauna, and much more. Seriously, I think it's only meant for foreign people. There's an identical one on the left which isn't in the picture, much like the Petronas Twin Towers, only shorter!

Snowing in Beijing....if only there was snow in Miri~XD Lol

My room. I have MSN Explorer on!~ Btw there's also a TV in front of the table on the right of the picture which isn't in the picture.

Me and family during the National Day in China in Tiananmen Square.~

My school! It's called Yew Chung International School btw. This was taken during the school's Family Day. (Usually international schools are packed with events all year round, no kidding). On the far right you'll see me! XD O yeah the Family day was themed a tribute to Disney. We were singing and performing some Disney songs. That tigger paper mache you see by the steps was made by me and a Japanese girl!~ We were paired boy-girl boy-girl I think~XD

Ok back to Miri~~This is our newly-built Church!! It looks exciting to be in and it is exciting to be in. All that fund-raising and praying, and all our efforts...we finally achieved our dream of building a new church! You should come too!! Call me if you want to!~ XD

The dance on Christmas Day by the Sunday School Children.

Now for my Johor and KL trip. I forgot the actual name of the place but I think it's Air Panas Waterfalls. Small waterfalls, btw. And the water is cold, not hot like its name!

Me and my cousins~~and sister XD

We went to Sunway Lagoon and KL after spending some time in Johor. The watches (used as tickets) are proof!!

Scream Park. Didn't buy that package though. We only went for Water Park and Amusement Park.

According to the sign, this is supposedly the World's longest pedestrian suspension bridge.

After that, we went to Sunway Pyramid Mall just opposite the entrance to Sunway Lagoon.

Ths skating rink!~

I like how the lion's eyes glow~

Where I stayed. But my relatives all stayed in a different hotel. We stayed in this one 'cause my father was staying in this one and he had a business trip.

After that, 'cause we didn't get tickets to the Skybridge in KLCC, we went to Petrosains, a science museum in KLCC. It was kinda fun~~ My sis went there for a third time, while I went for a second time. It was a good idea since I had a lot of cousins who are children. Above is a newly added feature in the museum, there are colourful sprinkled dropping above me and they identify your shadow and the sprinkles make it look as if they're falling on you yourself XD

Ok I think that's about it~ I'm lazy to show other photos~~ XD Don't be mad haha~~ Anyway, hope you enjoyed the pictures, and don't forget to leave comments!! And again, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!~

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Vacation time~!

Hello world,

Change of plans people. I'm actually going to Johor, then in the middle of my vacation I'm going to KL for about 2 days I think? Well, I hope Johor will be fun too. XD I wanna go to the malls there...there's like malls everywhere man, they're like all over the place. West Malaysia is crawling with them. XD

So anyway, I won't be online for about 2 weeks, but if I get the chance, I'll go online there :) .

Well I'll be leaving tomorrow evening, so wish me have a good trip!! XD Have fun in Miri if you're still here!! XD (I know I know...XD but maybe something interesting will happen in Miri? )

If I get pictures of my trip, I'll post time if I get the time!~

Cya and have a fun and safe holiday!~

Saturday, December 6, 2008

The Christmas Parade~

Hey ppl,

There's been a lot happening lately..

I was supposed to go out with ppl this Wed, but something happened.

My Grandfather passed away... :'( It was so sudden, I mean, he was ok before but after what happened, he passed away so was really saddening, 'cause I didn't even get to see him before he passed away..

Anyway, I returned from Sibu yesterday after the funeral and everything, and I wish and hope that my grandfather will rest in peace.

Then today, was the Christmas Parade :D It was sooo cool and fun man. You should've went. But you didn't so it's your loss. jk. haha anyway before I go on to the parade...

MAS Wings kinda sucks.

It's sooo totally different from Malaysia airlines. What is it? A division of MAS or what 'cause when I looked at the schedule, most of it is MAS Wings MAS Wings MAS Wings.

So why is it not good?? Well when they were serving the drinks, I asked for orange juice. And the flight attendant was like. "I'm sorry we don't have orange juice." 0_0 .....No orange juice? This is an almost 1-hour flight and there's NO ORANGE JUICE? What are they nuts? I can't go on a flight with NO orange juice. XD I mean how can they not have orange juice?? All they have is Pepsi, Milo, Tea? And some other drinks which I don't know, 'cause they just asked "What drinks do you want" without saying what type of drinks they are. So I just took the Milo. And btw, it ain't fresh. It's packaged. The type that children drink, like a juice box. Well I would've taken the Pepsi if they'd told me there was Pepsi. Sheesh. And omg, and it's not even cold! How mediocre is that?? And there's not even anything to eat either. You have to ask to have just a pack of biscuits to eat. And that was just the beginning. It was the flight when I was on my way to Sibu. But on my way back was even more suckish. This time they didn't even have a trolley to push around. The air stewardess just took a tray, like the one's we use in KFC or Sugar Bun, and then arranges the drinks on it and then just gave them to us. There were two choices only! TWO! It's either the packaged Milo again or Soya Bean Milk....-_-

And have I mentioned their uniform?? The air stewardess was like wearing something that looked greenish. Yeah, green.

Lol, sorry for my ranting XD Well at least they have drinks, whil Air Asia has none at all XD

Okok back to the Christmas Parade. Where was I? O right it was sooooo cool and fun man. When we gathered at City Fan, there was like loads of people and I mean LOADS. And increasing by the second. I think every Christian Church participated. Catholics, Baptist, Methodist (which I'm in) etcetc. I saw Charis' dad, lol.

So then there were speeches, but I didn't really listen 'cause it was inda noisy, then singing. By that time it was getting dark already. And then omg, I didn't know Datuk George Chan came?! He gave a speech in English, and I didn't really listen too XD, but I did rememeber one part:

"Nobody, nobody should disturb us having our celebration."

Well it was something like that, I think. I don't remember the real thing. It was kinda related to freedom of religion or something. XD

Then it was the parade. We went church by church, carrying lanterns with lighted candles in then in shapes of stars, hearts, candles and the cross. I carried a star-shaped one :)

Then we paraded through town, and there were loads of people standing by the roadside looking at our super long line of people from different churches. I bet they were jealous. XD jk. Chinese churches, Iban churches, English-speaking and Malay speaking. It was cool. Some of the people from my church shouted Merry Christmas or Jesus Loves You (in Chinese) to the people standing by the road and waved to them. They waved back, too. Lol, it was kinda strange saying Merry Christmas so early XD. Then there was carol-singing, in Chinese. My little sister and her friends also handed out leaflets and invitation cards/bookmark shaped to invite the bystanders to come to our Christmas celebrations.

The parade route was starting from City Fan, until as far as the traffic light before St. Columba. Then we went round the roundabout back. We also passed Imeprial Mall on our way too. It was seriously cool.

Lol, there were even traffic police to direct our way and the cars' way, to tell us or them when to stop. Lol there was this woman in car, who got scolded by the traffic police 'cause she was kinda in our lane, where all the paraders were, where she shouldn't be. XDXD

Omg, did you know other churches, I think the Iban had floats?? With people waving in them. I mean we don't even have floats! Well we did last year. Lol maybe they wanna save space?? And they have these huge banners and all, and some even have lights built in them. Then there were people dressed as Santa Claus, angels, Bible characters' clothes, etc. Then nearing the end, there was a truck also which played Chinese Christian rap music. XD

So after that, we finished. We put back all the lanterns and stuff and went home. Some people still stayed to listen to people sing and stuff. Btw I wore Santa hat XD They gave almost everyone one to wear~ Then 'cause we didn't have dinner yet we went to Sin Soon Chin to eat.

It was a remarkable experience, and now I've been in two Christmas parades, one last year, and one this year XD I don't think I'll ever forget it~~

Unfortunately I don't have any pictures 'cause I didn't bring a camera. I know, awwwwwwwwww. Lol but if I do manage to get some of the photos of event, I'll post them, but that is, only if I do. Hehe.

Well, gotta go people, don't forget to leave comments, cya!~

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Holiday Happenings

Hey ppl,

Time flies. It's like almost a month into the holidays and I've been playing the computer a lot lately...yea I should I should get out more -_-

Most people watch tv or play online games after the exams but I've been playing Pokemon games after the exams into the beginning of the holidays :S Ok so like it's not really for children ok, some teenagers still play it too XD. I've finished Pokemon Crystal, Fire Red (thought the game totally restarts after beating the Elite 4 so I can't play it to the end), and also Emerald. Getting bored of it though, 'cause there's not much to do after the game finishes. -_-

Anyway, a lot has been happening lately. I know some people sit around at home all day eating watching tv or getting fat (some XD) but I've been kinda busy lately with all sorts of things. Lol not sure if it's really called busy. Anyway yesterday was hectic. In the morning I had to wake up real early to go to a church fellowship meeting, and it's very important, I suppose. And it was soooooo long, it ended at around 11am. We were mainly discussing with the pastors and other advisors about plans for next year, etcetctetc.

For me, the head of the Evangelist Group (yeah be jealous....XD juz jk~), I just have lead people to being more teenagers to the Fellowship, or hand out presents to new people who come to the Fellowship. There are other things too, but I'm too lazy to say them all~~

Then in the afternoon was the youth fellowship, and at night was the Bible Knowledge Competition I was talking about earlier. Haha guess who won XD or rather, guess who lost?? XD

Well, the results were this: (lazy to type English, those who can't read go to Chinese tuition..XD, or see my previous post)

妇女会: 105
成团: 94

Yeah you guessed it, hehe we lost. But it was fun and cool too. Even though we lost, but at least we had fun and learned stuff. Yeah it was a cool experience. XD Man I got the order of the 12 books wrong, so it was like minus 6 marks, -_-. I think i should've studied more, o well.

My friend who's coming from England is gonna arrive in Miri in December 10 something, I forgot. I'm supposed to show him around Miri, and I kenw him since Kindergarten, and when I moved to Beijing, he did too, and we were even in the same school. Yeah, *memories* XD Then he moved to Shanghai so we didn't really get to meet a lot so now I'm gonna take him out when he's here~...Btw, he's a Malaysian Chinese, not a British, he just went there to study~~

Hmmmmmmm...what else is happening....hope I don't run out of things to sayXD. Btw next Wed, I'm going out with friends to the mall again, and it's for boys only, haha. But I heard Eugene invited a girl. I mean what is it with him? But I don't think she'll be coming. He invites people he's not even really good with?? Lol anyway, it's mostly 4E2 ppl, since a lot of boys in 4E1 can't go, or are out of town. Wait a sec...omg I just realised. I'm the only 4E1 person to go~ haha as if that's a really shocking thing..

And the Chinese club has a new website?? I mean, the president, which I'm sure you all know who ;) someone in 4E2, created the site. I mean, nobody even goes to the blog really, and now another website??? XD Lol, you should see the Chinese Club blog chatbox, most of the messages there are negative. XD Some are postive though~

Then today, Sunday, went to church. I was in the choir~~though, at the last part there were some minor mistakes 'cause it was cut short XD but it was ok~

*sigh* Our church pastor is leaving our church next year. Gonna miss her~~ XD Next year, a new preacher will be taking over, while our present pastor will be tranferred to Mei Ann Methodist Church. Btw, out new church is almost complete! It's any day now that we'll be moving in, and it is soooo exciting. New this new that new everything. It's gonna be soooooooooooo cool. Haha.

O yeah, and during this ~festive~ season, we're gonna be SO busy with all the Chrsitmas events and stuff. First, there's a Chrsitmas event in E-mart, then there's the Chrsitmas Day Celebration, the New Church celebration, etcetcetc oooooo and also the parade around Miri on December 6th. :D It starts in City Fan. It's organise by MCC, I think and it includes all the Christian Churches in Miri. It's gonna be big. No joke. XD And hopefully like last year, it'll be tons of fun. We get to walk on the roads in Miri, and sing songs and stuff. Well dunno wabout this year, but the last year Methodsit Churches' Parade was like that.

Here are some photos of the new church I've been talking about :)

The present shophouse church which we are using. The entrance is on the other end, this one is never open 'cause it's the stage's back XD

Land for building Church: Before

Opening ceremony for building church....dunno how to really say it in English XD On the very right is my church's pastor~

And...after!! It looks big, doesn't it? Next time you go to Lutong, come visit us!!~

There are actually more pictures that my parents but I dunno where they are or they're not uploaded yet. Oh well, I'll get them if I have the chance~

Kkkk gtg ppl, cya and have fun in your holidays no matter how boring they may be!!~ XD


Friday, November 21, 2008

Holidays=Fun + Boredom (But mostly fun :D)

Hey ppl,

Today I made some cookies. Chocolate Chip cookies. And they taste sooo good. Lol I bought it somewhere in Brunei a few months ago and I decided to make them today since I've been procrastinating for a looong time. XD

Today I went to Boulevard too with my mum and sister~ I bought three things and they're all food. XD (Ok why did I tell you that?XD) Anyway Poh Huai's already in KL. And I'm still here. And I need a vacation~~and fast~~

Anyway, I've been chosen to represent the Youth fellowship in the Bible Knowledge Competition in my church (圣经常识比赛) and like, we have to study twelve books! 0_0 I know... it sounds like a lot~~ But actually it's not that much when you look at the pages 'cause one book is just 10+ pages I think? Yeah we have to read from the book of Hoshea (何西阿书) to Malachi (玛拉基书). There are like four different groups I think? Every year we have the competition...Oooooo did I mention before?? My church, Life Methodist Church won the Bible Knowledge Competition for the whole of Miri, and that was like, against all the Methodist churches in Miri!! Woohoo. We won it like last year. And three times straight in three years. That's why we get to keep the trophy. XD Anyway the competition has like four teams, (but I don't really know how to say it in English XD) the Adults team (成团), err, Youths team (after Form 5 ppl) (青团), the team I'm in, Youth team (Form 1-5) (少团), and the Women's team. (妇女会组) And from what I know we lose every single year. And we get the lowest scores. XD Lol maybe that's because they're all older than us!! That's like, not fair~ XD (Stop complaining Xin Zhe)

O well, wish me all the best~ Btw if you didn't know, I go to a Chinese church, Life Methodist church in Lutong, ('cause the one in Pujut is English) and we're gonna move into our new church this December! It's gonna be big and I mean better be there...or else...XD jk. We did so much to build our church. Organising the Jogerthon, raising funds, food sales, etc.. That's why you should come and support us! When you go to Lutong, and you see a building with a shiny/silvery (well it looks silver from faraway) roof and a cross on it, then you know that's gonna be my new church. Sseriously, it's that obvious. You can't miss it~~unless you got problems. XD

O yeah we had our Youth Fellowship Election Meeting last Saturday. (Sounds very official, doesn't it?) And since I'm a member, I have to go. Only 17 (or was it 18) got chosen, and to be one is a privilege. You get to do stuff. This year, until December I'm in the Testimony Group (见证组) and I'm the head of it. With that comes responsibility and like, at ellowship meetings I have to lead the prayer session (代祷时光) and pray for things that are happening (-_-" duh~) and also other jobs which I'm to lazy to list out. But last Saturday I got elected out of the Testimony Group. My vice got elected to become the head, while I became the head of another group, the Evangelist Group. (宣教组) Yeah I gotta do all these evangelistic activites next year for the fellowship~~

This is a picture of me and Poh Huai, the guy who sits next to me and the guy I usually hang out with. Lol found in in my Pictures folder. I took this pic on like the last day of school (for me that is, 'cause I was going on the Kuching Trip next week)~~ Well it was the last day of school before the news that there was school on Monday got to me when I was on the Kuching trip~ Lol kinda like this pic~XD
I gotta go now,
Leave comments!! Cya~!

Monday, November 17, 2008

A Birthday Dinner~!

Hey people,

Last Friday, (14/11) we went to celebrate Zheng Lin's birthday! Woohoo~! XD We went to Parkson to meet and stuff. :D. Lol, anyway, I suggested we did a birthday party. Well, not really a party. We just went out to eat. Lol, we had the birthday dinner early, just af ew days before his birthday :D.

Anyway, there were 8 people who went. Me, Poh Huai, Zheng Lin, Zheng Lin's brother, Leonard, Jason, Eugene, Shaw Chung. Shaw Chung didn't join us for the dinner though, he had to leave early. So here's what happened. We met at Parkson at about 2.3o pm, and as usual, Eugene just had to be at the cyber cafe. With all the others. It was cool though.

A while later, Me, Poh Huai and Jason went to buy 2 slices of cake and also a present. 2 slices are enough right?? I got a candle too :D For the present we got a USB. Lol I thought it would make a great present. O yea only me and Poh Huai paid for the cake and the USB. 'Cause Jason didn't have change.

After that we went to watch Madagascar 2. I must say it's a really funny movie. Lol can giraffes fall in love with hippopotamuses?? Lol and I like the main characters as well.The graphics were really cool too~~ Btw, we saw a lot of people in Parkson~! There was Bin Li, Lau, and a 4E1 person (-_-) and then Ms. Low Kha Noi and also other people.

After the movie we went to the cyber again, and then we went outside of Parkson to a Chinese restaurant to eat. Then I gave Zheng Lin his cake and the present. It was a really cool dinner~ Seriously! I mean, whenever we go out it's always fast food in the mall. Now, we can eat Chinese food with rice. Which makes it healthier. XD Here are some pictures:

Zheng Lin and his birthday cake~

The people who went. Where am I? I'm taking the picture!~ (Obviously -_-)

Me and Shuai Ge Zheng Lin~~ This was taken when we got back to Parkson after the dinner~~

That's all people~~Hope you enjoyed it~:D

Btw, I'm going to KL in early December. Hopefully I can buy the stuff I want there!~ Ooooo and I'm meeting Poh Huai there too. We're gonna meet in a mall! I mean how cool is that?? Meeting a friend in a different city. No wait, in the capital! That's gonna be sooooo cool. I think me and Poh Huai are meeting in KLCC. Depends on which one is more convenient. But we're only meeting if we got time and transport. Anyway, have fun in your holidays too!! XD